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Remitting contributions

You have three options available to remit contributions. Remitting through payroll systems or online is recommended.

Remitting through payroll systems

Many payroll systems offer the possibility of sending remittance forms directly to pension funds.

The following information must be entered into the payroll system:

  • the company's username for our employers' website;
  • the company's password for our employers'  website;
  • the e-mail address to which the remittance form is sent: netskil@live.is.

Remittance on the employers' website

A simple way to remit contributions is to use our employers' website free of charge. The employers' website is simple to use and facilitates the work of remitting pension fund contributions and union dues. Simple and easy-to-follow instructions are provided on the employers' website on all the steps to be followed for web-based remittances.

Please apply for access here

Advantages of delivering your remittance form digitally 

  1. Sending remittance forms electronically is both time and cost efficient.
  2. Payment of remittances can be made through any online bank.
  3. Security is increased by using electronic remittance forms, as the information they contain does not need to be entered again.
  4. The status of remittances can be viewed, i.e. whether they are being processed by the wage payer, are awaiting entry or have been entered in the fund's entitlement records.

Bear in mind that payment has not been made when remittance forms are delivered.

Remitting by email

If you choose not to send remittance forms by electronic means you must download the form, print it out and complete it. It must then be emailed to the fund at netskil@live.is