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Sláðu inn leitarorð



Borrowing fee

55000 kr

Mortgage transfers

4000 kr

Mortgage license

4000 kr

Conditional mortgage license

4000 kr

Partial mortgage release

4000 kr

Change of loan terms

4000 kr

Exchange of debts

8000 kr

Debt restructuring

8000 kr

Payment fee

140 kr

Payment estimate for individuals

8400 kr

Estimated payment for couples/cohabitants

16700 kr

Documentation of bonds (unless it is a single bond)

8000 kr

Administration of registration/shipping costs

1500 kr

Registration fee

2700 kr

Pledge summary (pledge book certificate)

1200 kr

All payments of fees as well as prepayment or overpayment on a loan can be paid into the fund's account:

  • ID: 430269-4459
  • Bank account 515-26-401144