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This website, live.is is owned by Lífeyrissjóður verzlunarmanna (Pension Fund of Commerce), which owns the copyright to the information and other content published on the website, unless otherwise specifically stated or required by law or the nature of the case. The distribution or use in any other way of the information presented on this website is forbidden without the written permission of Lífeyrissjóður verzlunarmanna (Pension Fund of Commerce).

The content of the website is presented for informational and/or educational purposes only and does not include, nor can it ever include a promise or ruling on business terms or property rights, to form a ruling on pension or disability rights, terms and conditions on mutual fund loan terms or credit in personal pension savings. Lifelong pension and disability entitlements are based on the laws in force and the articles of association of the pension fund at any given time.

On the website, there are calculators designed to facilitate the comparison of different types of loans and/or loans of the same type, calculated on the basis of different criteria. There is also a calculator designed to facilitate comparisons between the different distributions of counter-contributions between mutual insurance and a Specified Personal Pension, as well as a calculator for pensions in the mutual insurance and personal pension savings section. The results of all calculations are based on given assumptions and are only intended for reference and cannot be used as the basis of entitlements or terms.

Investments and returns are discussed on the website. It is important to stress that investments always involve financial risk and that past returns are neither an indication nor a guarantee of future returns.

No content on the website can be considered as individual advice. It is therefore important that those who use the website do not make decisions based solely on the information provided there, but receive advice that considers the person's situation.

Lífeyrissjóður verzlunarmanna (Pension Fund of Commerce) strives to ensure that the information on the website is correct but cannot guarantee that this is the case. This also applies to references and links to off-site content.

Neither Lífeyrissjóður verzlunarmanna (Pension Fund of Commerce) nor the managers or employees of the fund are responsible for direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of the website or the information contained therein.